Startup Villages Japan


World’s 1st Startup Villages ecosystem to encourage reverse migration to villages. A unique platform to promote Japanese Villages as an ideal location for startups.

The Startup Villages initiative is to create sustainable & economic development in the rural areas of Japan. Through sheer hard work and dedication of Japanese people, the Japanese economy emerged as the second-largest economy in the world. The Japanese innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors created iconic products, brands, and technology that revolutionized the world consumer market.
The Startup Villages initiative is to encourage reverse migration and work with local authorities to encourage individuals, businesses, and startups to set up their operations in the villages. The Covid-19 pandemic has provided that work from is the new normal and this would help individuals, businesses, and startups to benefit from low-cost operations in the rural.

The Startup Villages would connect global venture capital, angel networks, incubators, accelerators by hosting webinars, seminars, conferences & summits. The Startup Villages is an initiative by social entrepreneur Indian American Dr.Tausif Malik.
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EdgeOf Innovation

EDGEof INNOVATION is founded by Taisuke Alex Odajima. who is renowned expert in promoting Japanese startups and Japanese startup ecosystem to the world. EDGEof INNOVATION is one of the most active organizations headquartered in Shibuya city, the Silicon Valley of Japan, by mentoring, supporting startups, hosting events, and inviting startups to establish their businesses in Japan.
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TMA Worldwide

TMA Worldwide has two focus areas - Startup Ecosystem, Halal consumer market through and therefore has the following startup ecosystem, media & publishing, events & consultancy.
Startup Ecosystems: Halal Angels Network, Silicon Ghats, Food Angels Network, NRIBSN, & AIMBSN
Media: GCCStartup.News,,
Events & Initiatives: Halal Ethical Investment Summit, The Khadija RA Initiative, Silicon Ghats Startup Summit Mumbai, NRIBSN Summit & AIMBSN Summit.
Mandating & Consultancy: management, mandating, marketing, technology development services to Investors and startups.
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