Startup Villages India


World’s 1st Startup Villages ecosystem to encourage reverse migration to villages. A unique platform to promote Italian Villages as an ideal location for startups.

The Startup Villages initiative is to create unique startups and take Italy to the next level and achieve what Silicon Valley did to the American Startup ecosystem. Italy has been the hub for entrepreneurs, and due to this the Italian economy is one of the most developed countries in the world and is a pioneer in fashion, automotive, agriculture, dairy… Italy has a grand history for art & culture; played a crucial role in the renaissance in Europe, a crucial role in the post-world war industrial revolution and formation of the European Union. Italy is the center pioneer for global premium fashion, luxurious cars, and gourmet food. The Startup Villages would connect global venture capital, angel networks, incubators, accelerators by hosting webinars, seminars, conferences & summits. The Startup Villages is an initiative by social entrepreneur Indian American Dr.Tausif Malik and is a joint venture with TMA Worldwide & Omar Business Consultancy to promote Italian Villages as an ideal location for startups.
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TMA Worldwide

TMA Worldwide has two focus areas - Startup Ecosystem, Halal consumer market through and therefore has the following startup ecosystem, media & publishing, events & consultancy.
Startup Ecosystems: Halal Angels Network, Silicon Ghats, Food Angels Network, NRIBSN, & AIMBSN
Media: GCCStartup.News,,
Events & Initiatives: Halal Ethical Investment Summit, The Khadija RA Initiative, Silicon Ghats Startup Summit Mumbai, NRIBSN Summit & AIMBSN Summit.
Mandating & Consultancy: management, mandating, marketing, technology development services to Investors and startups.
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